Guitar Tutor In Watford - About Me

I have been a guitar tutor in Watford for over 10 years. I was first introduced to the guitar sometime in my teens, the instrument burst suddenly into my life and I have not been able to stop playing it ever since. Within a few years I was playing professionally, touring far and wide and to the present day have been writing, recording, performing and releasing original songs.

Guitar Playing Experience

I am now a gigging and recording musician and play guitar for a varying range of bands/duos and trios. This is a situation that demands knowledge of a variety of musical formats. From Rock and Roll to Jazz of the Swing Era (pre Bop), Blues and R n’ B to Swamp, from 60’s classics to more contemporary Rock on both acoustic and electric guitars.

I also write and record music and have released several albums of my own and have featured on those of other artists.

I teach guitar from my home studio and my live and recording work helps form the content of my lessons and inspires me as a guitar tutor.

153 Parkside Drive
Herts WD17 3BA 

01923 233930